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Bret McCauley

Taylor Grad. Bret McCauley

Bret with President Bush


9/10/04 > Homecoming 2004-Titans Thinking of One of Their Own

Friday night’s Homecoming turned out to be sweet indeed!  Following the Titans win against the Tigers, the crowd was addressed by Kim McCauley and Heather White the sisters of Bret McCauley.  They wanted to thank the community for their thoughts, prayers and support during this difficult time.  Sweetening the victory was the update on Bret’s condition, the fact that he was improving and that his condition was slightly better than was first feared. 

Are you proud to be a Titan should be an easy answered question, especially after the response from our community Friday night!  The Titans Football team set up a donation table at the gate and Student Counsel passed donation containers through the bleachers and the Titan fans responded.  Thanks to the Titans and the contributors for being there for one of our own.  Thanks to Bret McCauley for his service and sacrifice for our country!

We are Proud to be Titans!

9/17/04 > Deserved Recognition!
The Naval Commendant (Basically the highest ranked Marine in the US ) is a 5 star general and was in Bret's room this morning to award him his 2nd purple heart and the Gol Star.  Bret had dad help him up to shave so he looked his best.  Anyway Dad said the room was filled with marines all standing at attention and then they all saluted Bret
9/22/04 > Visitors

Bret had another "high-profile" visitor yesterday -- Senator John McCain. He said, though, that with all the "important" people he's had come to see him, the most important ones are there right now: his parents, his siblings, and his girlfriend.